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Workforce Transportation and Referral Center (WTRC)

WTRC Staff

Low-income residents in the Baltimore Metropolitan Region face unique challenges. For those without personal transportation, simply getting to work is one of those challenges.

Through our Workforce Transportation and Referral Center, the Office of Community Outreach provides information regarding public transportation and fills the gaps when and where bus and train lines don’t exist. We partner with qualified van, shuttle and transit services—such as the Maryland Transit Administration; Marie and Son; and J & P Childs Transportation — to give community residents the transportation they need to reach greater employment opportunities.

With these partners, the Workforce Transportation and Referral Center is making it possible for Baltimore residents to have access to the affordable commuter services that are integral to developing independence and economic self-sufficiency.

Transportation Institute Partnership (TIP)

Tip StudentsThe Transportation Institute Partnership is an entrepreneurial training program in partnership with the Maryland Department of Human Resources and the Maryland Transit Administration. The primary objective of this program is to provide entrepreneurial and job training for unemployed and underemployed persons who desire self-employment or a career in transportation. The program’s other objectives are to help establish and nurture minority business enterprises, and to provide safe and affordable commuter services for low-income workers.

For more information about the Workforce Transportation and Referral Center or the Transportation Institute Partnership offered by the Office of Community Outreach, contact Sandra Conner.

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