Bringing Opportunities
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Community Outreach

The Vision

Sojourner-Douglass College is interwoven with the fabric of the community from which it was created. Our goal is to strengthen that fabric by building a self-determined, self-sustaining and economically healthy community that empowers residents at a grass-roots level. Review the values which are integral aspects of the vision and goals of the Office of Community Outreach and Sojourner-Douglass College. Full statement.

spacerStrengthening Our Community
East BaltimoreA self-sustaining, economically healthy community. Some say itís not possible in Baltimore. Weíre building it. Sojourner-Douglass College is committed to the process of improving the community because we are the community. Our Office of Community Outreach is empowering students and community residents to create social, political and economic change.

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spacerExpanding Programs, Service and Activities
TIP Graduating Class
Transportation Institute Partnership (TIP) Graduates
Thereís a wall around some populations that can prevent workable collaborations. At Sojourner-Douglass College, we break down that wall. The Office of Community Outreach has a strategy and a direction for the future.  We encourage you to review the following projects, programs, services and activities that are representative of how we will continue to empower community residents.

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spacerWorkforce Development Coalition
 Since 1997, the Workforce Development Coalition has been a catalyst for workforce development in the Baltimore Metropolitan Region. find out more about the Workforce Development Coalition.
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spacerChange 4 Real
Jamal MubdiIn this exciting climate of free exploration of the many possibilities for change, Sojourner-Douglass College proudly announces Change4Real, a no-holds-barred forum on transforming urban communities from the bottom Ė up.

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spacerWorkforce Transportation & Referral Center
WTRC StudentThe Workforce Transportation and Referral Center provides information regarding public transportation and fills the gaps when and where bus and train lines donít exist.

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spacerPartnerships for Progress
PartnershipsThrough collaborations with community-based organizations, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, faith-based groups, local businesses and civic organizations, the Office of Community Outreach empowers students and residents with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to improve their lives and their communities.
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