Bringing Opportunities
    to the Communities


Walter P. Carter Community Library

Library Staff

The main task of the Library’s staff is to provide assistance and service to library users. The staff each provides assistance in difference ways, but all efforts are directed toward helping the user get started toward obtaining needed information. Library staff will assist in any way they can. Staff time is limited since they must continue at all times to provide services to others.


Library staff will offer assistance, guidance, and instruction on the best use of the Internet as a research tool and information source. However, determining the accuracy or authenticity of Internet resources is the ultimate responsibility of the user. Users must recognize that the Internet is an uncontrolled information resource with a highly diverse user group and should be used with discretion. Users shall not hold the College responsible for the Internet's content.

Library staff will assist users in accessing electronic information resources as service demands permit. Staff cannot offer extensive explanations about the Internet or personal computer use as part of assistance. Staff answers specific questions about the Internet and will offer suggestions based on their knowledge for effective searching. Each user is, however, ultimately responsible for conducting his or her own search.

Assistance is not provided for computer problems involving programs not supported by the SDC nor is staff time available for in-depth individual training in the use of personal computers. Patrons who need in-depth instruction and training are encouraged to enroll in courses in the use of computers and the Internet.