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Inner Harbor East Academy For Young Scholars

Goals - page 3

BCPSS Master Plan Objective 2: Provide students with qualified and competent staff.

Academy Goal II.A: Ensure that students are taught by highly qualified teachers.

Objective II.A.1: Develop recruitment/screening criteria aligned with the mission of the Academy and the requirements of No Child Left Behind Act, measured by process records and forms such as teacher application forms.

Objective II.A.2: Provide ongoing professional development to all staff documented by records of curricula, attendance, and topics for in-service training.

Objective II.A.3: Develop core values that promote the educational behavior of the Academy documented by process records of meetings, trainings, activities, etc., used to create an ecological climate that reflects these values.

Objective II.A.4: Create a management system that allows teachers more time to teach as documented by recording time spent in classroom vs administrative activities.

Objective II.A.5: Assure that teachers integrate theory and practice through project-based instruction design as documented by lesson plans & professional evaluations and professional development.

Objective II.A.6: Increase the teachers capacity to utilize new materials and resources as; documented by lesson plans & professional evaluations and professional development.

BCPSS Master Plan Objective 3: Comply fully with federal laws governing the education of students with disabilities.

Organizational Viability Goals

Academy Goal III: Create a learning environment that addresses the needs of students with disabilities.

Objective III.A.1: Seek out students that may have disabilities, through appropriatechild find activities.

Objective III.A.2: Develop intervention assistance teams and intervene with parental permission.

Objective III.A.3: Design instructional strategies and goals to meet the identified eeds of students with disabilities through Individual Education Plans.

Objective III.A.4: Perform periodic personnel and program evaluations. Measure: Achievement of Goal III objectives will be documented in Academy’s annual report.

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