Bringing Opportunities
    to the Communities

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Message From Our Dean…


Welcome to the Salisbury Campus of Sojourner-Douglass College! SDC Salisbury has been in existence since December 1997. SDC Salisbury brings opportunity to the local community through its diverse programming as outlined by the Main Campus in Baltimore City. Building strong partnerships with the community enables SDC to promote coursework tailored to the needs of the working adults and those adults seeking personal improvement and professional advancement. SDC Salisbury is accessible, flexible, and welcoming to its students. We encourage the adult learners to focus on learning and to participate in team building opportunities created in an atmosphere conducive to learning.

In 2001, we had 15 adult learners to graduate in the undergraduate program in the areas of human growth and development (Early Childhood Education and Psychology and Counseling) and administration. That same year, Salisbury implemented a graduate level program in the areas of Human Services, Public Administration, and Urban Education. In 2007, SDC Salisbury began another era of success stories when a certificated Licensed Practical Nursing program (LPN) was implemented. Students completing the LPN program passed the Maryland Board of Nursing Examination. Instrumental in the students’ success was the installment of new technology that allowed adult learners to take classes via Interactive Television. Nursing is a growing component of our campus through the Licensed Practical Nursing program (LPN), the Registered Nurse (RN) program, and the Bachelor of Science (BSN) program. Clinical experiences for nursing students completed at local healthcare facilities are under the direction of our competent nursing staff communicating with the personnel at the healthcare facilities.

SDC Salisbury has a committed administrative and adjunct faculty staff whose goal is the educational success of each student. We welcome you to join us here at Sojourner-Douglass College Salisbury where opportunity is brought to the community!

Constance M. Stewart