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Alumni Spot Light

The alumni spot light represents S-DC's finest.

Paul Coates :: President of Black Classic Press

What I appreciated most about the College was that it provided an environment that I could be comfortable in. I was with people who were my peers.

Anton O. Conaway

I absolutely loved my experience at Sojourner-Douglass College! Nowhere else could I get the knowledge and awakening experience of self-determination and self-empowerment other than my college experience at SDC.

Shirley Knox Murry

I sincerely enjoyed my time at Sojourner Douglass College (SDC). The SDC experience gave me a sense of belonging to a unique family community that spreads beyond the SDC campus.

Shirley Knox Murry

The experience at Sojourner-Douglass College was one that will resonate with me forever for it was spiritual and worldly. Spiritual in that, I was amongst people who is the essence is of God.

Kathy Mckoy

Dr. Kathy McKoy, an alumnus of Sojourner Douglass College is a finalist for the Mansfield Fellowship.

Annette Saunders

Annette Saunders is a native Baltimorean and product of Baltimore City Public Schools, with a Masters in Human Services from Sojourner Douglass College