Bringing Opportunities
    to the Communities


Alumni Overview

As alumni and friends of Sojourner-Douglass College, you know what motivates and sustains us comes from being a part of the mission and vision that is Sojourner-Douglass College. The College serves not only as a place of higher learning, but just as importantly, as a vehicle that cultivates self-reliance and increases the potential and value of the families and individuals in the communities we serve. The College is defining the course of its future development by evolving but not diminishing its mission to address critical quality of life issues facing our communities; issues such as: life expectancy, high school drop out rates, increasing mortality rates for persons with HIV/AIDS, and high prison population rates for Black men.

The time is now, more than ever to make a strategic investment in expanding our future of service. More often than not, urban inner city adults in the communities we serve are confronted with severe financial constraints that put at risk their ability to complete their college education. This is particularly critical for the population we serve who are “second chance” people whose opportunities for higher education were unavailable to them in earlier years. They can't afford to go to college and they can't afford not to go to our college. Help us preserve a tradition of educating many second chance people, thereby changing their lives and changing the people in their communities.

As we look ahead in today's complex and challenging marketplace, Sojourner-Douglass College must have significantly increased financial resources. It would help so much to be able to count on our alumni and friends to join our efforts as volunteers and donors.

Just a friendly reminder, please fill out the alumni data form today. Let's make the name… Sojourner-Douglass College a beacon in the lives of humanity.