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Types of Financial Aid

Grants > Loans > Scholarships

While the primary responsibility for financing an education rests with the student and their parents/guardians, few families can handle the entire bill themselves. There are a wide variety of resources available to help you pay for your education. 95% of SDC students receive some Financial Aid in the form of:

spacerspacerTraditional Types of Financial Aid
Financial AidFinancial AidFinancial Aid>> Grants
>> Loans
>> Scholarships

Also, here are some other sources that you might want to look into to help pay for your education:

spacerspacerOther Sources of Aid
>> Income from full-time or part-time jobs
>> Unions that may have programs designed to assist members or dependents
>> Veteran benefits - contact your local Veteran's Administration Office
>> Scholarships that may be offered through foundations, religious organizations, fraternities and sororities, civic groups, etc.
>> Private funding such as home equity loans, savings, borrowing against insurance policies or 401k(s)
>> Employer tuition remission