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Financial Aid Office

Student Responsibilities:

Protecting, maintaining, and renewing your financial aid is a very important responsibility for the student. Some students make the mistake of leaving their financial aid responsibilities to the Financial Aid Office and its administrative staff only to find themselves in serious situations that may prevent them from registering the next year, or prevent them graduation. In this case, it is important that we stress to our current and potential students that their financial aid is "your responsibility" which includes the following important facts:

  • Every year, you will need to renew your FAFSA and report any changes. Again, we strongly urge you to complete this process online by visiting You can do this as early as January 1st by click the "renewal FAFSA" option.
  • Under State and Federal regulations, there are two conditions necessary to maintain eligibility for financial aid called Pursuit of Program and Satisfactory Academic Progress:
  • Pursuit of Program : A student must complete a program within a given period of time and must accumulate credits at a specified rate stated below:
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress : SDC (in compliance with Federal and State regulations) defines Satisfactory Progress. Contact the Registrar's office for details at 410-276-0306 x 256.

If for any reason you decide you no longer wish to continue at SDC, you are required to officially withdraw from the College by filling out required forms. This helps protect your financial aid when you decide to return.