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Financial Aid

We are here to help our students. You can call us at 410-276-0306 x260, contact us online, or come and visit our main office in Baltimore at 200 N. Central Ave., Baltimore, MD 21202. Our counselors and administrative staff give the best effort to do everything they can to make it easier for you to attend school. You can attend school full-time and work full time and still qualify for Financial Aid. In fact, our college is geared towards those exact students. Read more

spacerspacerFinancial Aid 101
Finances>> How to Apply for Financial Aid
>> Eligibility Requirements
>> Types of Financial Aid
>> Contact a financial aid advisor
>> IRS Tax Return Transcript Request Process
>> Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
>> 2012-2013 Dependent Federal Verification Worksheet
>> 2012-2013 Independent Federal Verification Worksheet

Apply Online for Financial Aid

spacerspacerFinancial Aid FAQ's
FAQs>> What type of financial aid does Sojourner-Douglass College offer?
>> What are the requirements to receive financial aid?
>> What is the process for applying for financial aid at SDC?

More FAQ's

spacerspacerFinancial Aid Resources
>> Netpartner - Financial Aid Self Service
>> Progress Standards
>> Students Rights and Responsibilities
>> Veteran Benefits
>> Disbursing Procedures