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Undergraduate Registration Process

Add / Drop Process

Add Period: Mon., February 23, 2015 THROUGH Sat., March 7, 2015
Drop Period: Saturday, April 11 (5 weeks)

If you wish to add or drop courses, it must be done within the published add/drop period. THE ADD/DROP FORM IS USED TO CHANGE YOUR SCHEDULE AFTER YOU REGISTER. The Add/Drop period begins on the first day of classes.

  • Add through 2nd week
  • Drop through 5th week

Here are the steps:

  1. TO ADD/DROP a class, go to the Office of the Registrar, Room 315 to obtain an ADD/DROP FORM.
  2. If you are a financial aid recipient, please note that dropping a class often reduces your financial aid award, and can change your eligibility status. To learn how dropping a class can affect your financial aid award, please proceed to the Office of Financial Aid, Room 229.
  3. TAKE ADD/DROP FORM to the Advisorís office for record review and signature.
    • First Year Experience for Emerging Scholars (0-33 accumulative credits) report to Room 321
    • Sophomore level students (34-62 accumulative credits) proceed to the Deanís Office, Room 311
    • Junior and Senior level students (63-132 accumulative credits) proceed to the Department Chairsí Office, Room 301.
  4. TAKE THE SIGNED ďADD/DROPĒ FORM TO THE REGISTRARíS OFFICE, ROOM 315. A Registrarís representative will add/drop your courses. A revised registration schedule will be given to you. REVIEW THE SCHEDULE CAREFULLY to ensure that selected classes are correct.