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About Our Graduate Program

Philosophical Principles| Uniqueness Of Graduate Program Design Elements | Total Credits

spacerspacerPhilosophical Principles

Sojourner-Douglass College is committed to the principles of equity and fairness, diversity, empowerment, individual self-esteem and worth, academic freedom, cultural pluralism, educational access and the opportunity to succeed, and most of all, the inextricable relationship between the College and its community.



spacerspacerUniqueness Of Graduate Program Design Elements

The graduate program at Sojourner-Douglass College (SDC) has been conceived and developed with an “urban-centered” focus. For the College this means that the graduate program not only takes advantage of its location as an urban institution, but that the curriculum includes content, resources, approaches, and modalities which have particular relevance to urban populations. In addition, the graduate program, with three distinct professional concentrations, is developed around a common core of courses designed to acquaint all degree aspirants with some unique leadership and research skills needed in their respective professional concentrations. The requirements of a Project Demonstrating Mastery, assignment of external mentors, and accepting a limited number (6) of transfer credits are also unique features of the graduate program.




Core Courses-9 Credits
Urban Research Methodology-3 credit Hours
Leadership in an Urban Setting-3 Credit Hours
Human Behavior and Social systems-3 Credit Hours

Specialization Courses-24 hours
2 Theory Courses-6 Credit Hours, 3 Credit Hours per Course
3 Professional Development Courses-9 Credit Hours, 3 Credit Hours per Course
3 Practice/Applied Courses-9 Credit Hours, 3 Credit Hours per Course

Project Demonstrating Mastery (PDM)-6 Credits
Note: Internship-4 credits: Implementation of collaboratively designed plan; on-site at internship location 2 days weekly for 3 hours each day; supervised research guided by SDC advisor, oral presentation of experiences to faculty committee; written summary which demonstrates application of research methodology.

Preparations for Internship-2 credits: Locate a site, confirm agreements with agency, College, and student; collaborate on a plan; complete the preparation process the semester before the active internship begins; complete a case study using a model such as the Harvard Case Study Series.

PDM Guidance
As Applicable - Students completing the 6 credits but not completing the PDM must register for PDM Guidance (1 credit for 5 weeks).

Electives-0 Credits

Successful completion of required course work, completion and successful defense of an approved Project Demonstrating Mastery.