Bringing Opportunities
    to the Communities


Message From The President

Dr. Charles W. Simmons

Sojourner-Douglass College offers a unique experience which embodies alternative study approaches for mature students who otherwise may be constrained by jobs, family, or community commitments. Real life settings as well as traditional classroom methods are utilized as a strategic instruction modality.

These alternative modes of study range from the creation of a uniquely individual plan of study using community resources to structured faculty directed/assisted study courses that may be pursued independently of the classroom, to special group studies and formal classes. All of these study options are designed for maximum flexibility in meeting individual needs and are critical to serving the educational needs of contemporary society.

In a rapidly changing technological culture, a college must explore new ways of educating people and new ways of reaching people so that segments of our population are not by-passed and denied the advantage of quality education because they do not fit into a particular mold. At Sojourner-Douglass College, we believe the quality of education is enhanced through flexibility and individual learning; that quality will suffer when members of a heterogeneous population are treated as standardized products being stamped out on an educational assembly line. We believe that mature students learn better when teaching/learning methods recognize and appreciate the student's individual learning abilities, styles, modes, space and time.

Providing the non-traditional student with an alternative learning mode is one significant justification for the existence of yet another college appearing on the landscape along side the many longer established colleges and universities. Sojourner-Douglass College has improved upon many new procedures unfamiliar in more traditional contexts, such as the use of experiential learning (internships, field placement), attention to the world of work, and the symbiotic relationship between the College and the community. Sojourner-Douglass College is committed to providing challenges and promise to all members of this College and the world community.

Charles W. Simmons, Ph.D.