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President's Biography

Dr. Chales W. Simmons

Dr. Charles W. Simmons is President and founder of Sojourner-Douglass College, Baltimore, Maryland (formerly the Homestead-Montebello Center of Antioch University). A native of Baltimore, he is a graduate of the Union Graduate School where he earned his Ph.D. in Administration of Higher Education in 1978. Post Doctoral Studies include Educational Management at Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Institute for Educational Management. He also attended Morgan State College and Antioch College where he majored in History and Political Science, and Urban Development and Sociology, respectively. His professional studies include legal, ethical, and procedural aspects of collective bargaining covering disciplines of Legal Complexities of Labor Management Relations; Labor History; Economics; Research for Contract Negotiations and Interpretation; and Grievance Procedures and Arbitration. During his tenure with the Marine Corps, he received preparatory and advanced training at the Naval Aeronautical School and served with the Atomic Energy Commission.

Before assuming his current position, he was Co-Director of the Homestead- Montebello Center of Antioch University from 1972 to 1980; Director of Health Education and Community Organization, Baltimore City Health Department from 1967 to 1974; and Field Representative for The International Brotherhood of Teamsters from 1964 to 1967.

He is the past Secretary and member of the Board of Directors of the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education (NAFEO). His cultural and community involvement include Co-founder and Board member of the Left Bank Jazz Society (1964-87).

He holds memberships in the Congressional Black Caucus´ Educational and Business Brain Trusts; The Council for the Advancement for Experiential Learning; The Association for Community Based Education; The Greater Baltimore Committee Leadership Class of 2000; and The Maryland Leadership Class of 2001.