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Administration: Board of Directors

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Sojourner-Douglass College has an established Board of Directors that share in the responsibility of policy development, program planning and expansion, and decision-making that align with the College's mission and goals. The Board has the power and responsibility for making policy for the management of all operations and property of the College, including that which assures accountability for academic quality furnished by the College.

The Board consists of fifteen (15) persons elected for their individual talents, expertise, and interest in educating adults and empowering members of the community. These persons are community minded, public spirited, capable and interested in service to the purpose of the College, as well as experienced in those fields of operations and influence which benefit and improve the administration of the College.

Each member is elected by majority vote of the Directors for a three-year term. The Board of Directors officers include a chair, vice chair, secretary, and treasurer (all serving one year tenure). The College's President (Chief Executive Officer) is appointed by the Board of Directors and serves at the pleasure of the Board.

There are standing committees and ad hoc committees that support the Board's role in policy development and decision-making. Board members serve on the committees along with members of the faculty, staff and student body. The various committees (standing or ad hoc) provide a vehicle for ongoing input from the Board as well as assuring a process for broad participation in the governance and management of the College.



Name: Picture:   Name: Picture
Bertina Scott Bertina Scott Lorraine Green Lorraine Green
James Griffin James Griffin Ralph Moore Ralph Moore
Ruby Glover Ruby Glover Patrick Scott Patric Scott
Charles W. Simmons Charles W. Simmons